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High Speed.
No Drag.
Non-Alcoholic BEER  Coming Soon.

High Speed.
No Drag.
Non-Alcoholic BEER  Coming Soon.

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About LeADER Brewing

Beer. It’s the standard social drink. With multiple styles to meet an array of preference, it’s a social lubricant that brings people together.

But beer doesn’t generally convey a sense of high-performance – unless you count beer pong. And we don’t count beer pong.

Now you can have the best of both. Non-alcoholic craft beer from Leader Brewing gives you the taste of a full-flavored beer that allows you to perform at your best – 100% of the time.

Leader Brewing was founded for those that want to enjoy craft beer but have shit to do. We’re high-performing veterans with high expectations for ourselves and a serious penchant for achievement.

We know the challenge of staying on the top of our game if we’re feeling the effects of the night before. And we understand you, performance junkies – you’ve got to prep for that customer meeting, sales presentation, or big client negotiation. You’ve never skipped leg day in your life. You’ve also got to take the kids to their ballgame/cheer practice/sitar lesson. You don’t want some sugary crap out of the soda aisle and you need something that has more taste than a glass of ice water.

Until recently, anyone who wanted a beer without the alcohol was left with just bland, flavorless swill from the macro brewers – or a single lager style from the European guys. That’s rapidly changing. The same excitement the craft brew industry experienced in the 1980s and 1990s bringing a variety of beer styles is making its way to non-alcoholic brews, and we are at the forefront of that change.


What’s the point, right? Why would you want to drink beer without the alcohol?  Simple – you can drink fantastic-tasting beer whenever you want without it slowing you down.  Lifting heavy weights? No problem. Operating heavy machinery? Work it, buddy. Performing heart surgery? Hey, it’s all good. Just sterilize the can first.


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