Our Craft

Leader Brewing makes the finest non-alcoholic craft near beer using our own tried and true process that keeps the beer flavors you want without the alcohol.  It’s not easy, so we craft all our own brews to ensure they meet the highest standards before going to you.

We have been researching, experimenting, and experimenting some more for the better part of two years to come up with the best way to make our brews.  We’ve consulted with seasoned brewmasters and leading scientists in the craft brew industry to learn the best techniques and through trial and error have come up with what we think is a damn good way to brew these styles.  

How do you make non-alcoholic beer?

Non-alcoholic beer is made one of two ways: brew it normally and then remove the alcohol or prevent the alcohol from getting there in the first place.  The first method can be very expensive with the need of additional equipment that often costs more than the brewhouse equipment itself.  The second method is tricky because the brewer is trying to limit or stop certain chemical processes from occurring while allowing others to go unfettered. It’s hard enough controlling what our kids eat, try controlling billions of little yeast cells. 

We use a variety of proprietary techniques (which may or may not involve witchcraft) in the normal brewing process from recipe formulation to packaging to achieve our desired flavor/aroma profiles while ensuring our products stay within the <0.5% ABV target to be considered non-alcoholic or “near beer.”