Our Passion

Leader Brewing is committed to providing great tasting craft brews without the alcohol that slows you down, ‘CAUSE YOU GOT S#!T TO DO.  We’re high-performing veterans who are always moving but don’t want to skip out on hanging out with friends. We’re parents with kids that have a schedule almost as demanding as ours but without their own car (or driver’s license) to get them there.  We’re professionals with no set clock in or clock out time and need to be “on” at all times. 

As we looked to start our own brewery, we recognized that there were not enough options for non-alcoholic drinks in the market.  If you didn’t have a beer, a wine, or a cocktail, your choices were soda or water.  And inevitably, that would lead to a question from others… “Why aren’t you drinking?”  “Are you pregnant?”  “You quitting?”  “Good for you!”  “Quitter!” 

Who needs that pressure?  Whether it’s a fear of missing out, a need to get things done, or a desire to keep your head clear, no one should feel like they need to answer why they’re not drinking alcohol.  Now you can avoid the question altogether by having that brew you want, and no one will know it doesn’t have alcohol –  except you.

We didn’t build Leader Brewing to stop people from drinking craft beer.  We love it ourselves.  But what we realized is that we just can’t drink craft beer all the time.  Call it work… or old age… but there are too many times where the alcohol keeps us from drinking craft beer.  We always said that we’d drink craft beer even if it didn’t have the alcohol in it.  Now we can prove that was, in fact, true.